About Wilson Pickleball

Wilson is the #1 Brand in racquet sports. We are focused and passionate about making the most innovative and best performing pickleball products For 106 years, Wilson has been trusted by athletes at every level of play. A brand built by athletes, for athletes, Wilson has created countless game-changing products with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

TRU32 sets a new standard for true pickleball performance thanks to two defining characteristics: hole pattern and composition. Featuring a patented 32-hole design with even distribution, this ball rotates evenly on any axis for superior flight and bounce consistency. To mitigate the limited durability of injection-molded balls, TRU32 comprises an innovative proprietary formula that impressively extends the court life of the ball. Made in the USA and approved by the USA Pickleball for competitive play, TRU32 introduces new possibilities to injection-molded pickleball performance.



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