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Wilson is the #1 Brand in racquet sports. We are focused and passionate about making the most innovative and best performing pickleball products For 106 years, Wilson has been trusted by athletes at every level of play. A brand built by athletes, for athletes, Wilson has created countless game-changing products with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

Historically, Wilson has been best known for creating equipment for athletes to use while actively playing their sport. But that changes now.  “From here forward, we recognize that you are an athlete 24/7,” said President of Wilson Sportswear Gordon Devin. “That doesn’t just happen when you are on the court, course or field. It’s who you are in life.” “The world does not need more stuff. The world needs better solutions,” Devin said. “I believe that Wilson was uniquely qualified to take everything we have learned from the sporting field over 100 years and use it to create products for high-performance living.”

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