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More Power. More Spin. More Control.

The Dink Star is raising the bar for Pickleball paddles everywhere with the introduction of our all-new Carbon Series Pickleball Paddle. The premium quality paddle features our brand new MaxGrit textured surface technology designed for maximum spin and reduced vibration. The MaxGrit surface material is USA Pickleball (USAPA) approved and is designed to provide greater traction on the surface of the ball to increase spin rate for optimal control. Additionally, the 13mm polypropylene core and carbon fiber surface layer ensure a strong, durable base with an oversized sweet spot for dependable, effortless contact shot after shot.

This paddle is the new pinnacle of performance and is USAPA certified for competitive and tournament play. Elevate your game today.


PADDLE: 15.7″ X 7.8″


WEIGHT: 7.5 – 7.8oz.

CORE: 13mm Polypropylene.

About The Khan Family

Welcome to our story … 

If you know us, the Khan family, you know we are passionate about Pickleball. Khan fell in love with it some 7 years ago and slowly but surely his entire family and friend circle caught his infectious enthusiasm.

The sport has grown like wild fire in Dallas and because of its moderate ease and high fun quotient, its gotten popular in every age demographic. As we watched more and more people join the community, we decided to take our love to the next level. A small but brave venture was born – The Dink Star – a Pickleball store that has USAPA approved sport equipment to stylish gears, coaching sessions, to Tournament sponsorship programs and most importantly a family business where we welcome our customers into our community.

Pickleball has enriched our lives not just as a fitness regime but cultivated a deep culture of sportsmanship and love for athletics in our children. 

Call us to find out more about how you can become a Dinkstar too!

Additional Paddle Features

Additional Details

  • $100-$150
  • Midweight (7.5-8.2 oz)
  • Graphite Face, Polymer Core
  • USA Pickleball Approved, Made in USA
  • Family Owned, I Play Pickleball

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