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Swinton Pickleball INSIDER DEAL
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There are those who play pickleball for the win, for the competition, for the feeling of sweet victory. Then there are those who play for a good time, a little workout, and a fun excuse to get outside with friends.

Regardless of which kind of player you are, we believe your gear should make you happy, remind you you’re good-looking, and put a little extra pep in your step.


Like all great ideas this one too came straight out of a “need”. People wanted their beverages to stay cold longer – then came the Yeti, people wanted cheaper, cooler eye glasses – cue up Warby Parker, people wanted thoughtful luggage for the modern traveler – introducing Away.

We wanted pickleball apparel and gear that reflected our love of the game and our lifestyle. Something that was fun, filled with personality and didn’t take itself too seriously…. and of course quality was a given.

So we created swinton for us, for you, for everybody.


We couldn’t get on a tennis court one afternoon so we borrowed some pickleball paddles from the pro-shop and played our first game. We ended up having a great time. The next week, repeat. Until Thursday evenings became synonymous with pickleball followed by cocktails, beers, and wine and cheese – what we like to call après pickleball.

Let’s be honest, it took some time to learn the rules and scoring, but it wasn’t long before we were addicted to the game. Now came the time to purchase our own gear and stop trading on our drivers licenses to borrow paddles each week. Sure, we found plenty of gear out there and some apparel too, but most of it just wasn’t that appealing or it was marketed towards the 65+ crowd that had dominated this sport for years (kudos to them for finding such a fun sport first and keeping it under wraps for so long).

As the fastest growing sport in the US, with an increasingly younger demographic, pickleball was clearly missing a brand that was as fun as the game itself. So we set out to make just that. A brand for those who love the game AND love a great time.


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