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rhythm sparkling hemp beverages INSIDER DEAL
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rhythm sparkling hemp beverages INSIDER DEAL
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rhythm is life and life is rhythm

The founders of rhythm discovered the benefits of using CBD many years ago and they are on a mission to share it with the world in the form of AMAZING tasting beverages that are functional and good for you. At rhythm we blend organic superfoods, adaptogens and premium, lab-tested, U.S.-grown cannabinoids to bring you the finest sparkling hemp infused beverages for energy, hydration, recovery and sleep.

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the rhythm story

It was 2019 in San Francisco when Ian Monat, a sommelier by day and gigging bass player by night, began to imagine a great-tasting, better for you hemp-infused sparkling water.  He already found that CBD enhanced his live music performances. The clear, uplifting effects helped with mood, focus, and dexterity. But adding hemp tinctures to soda water tasted terrible, and the ready to drink hemp beverages on the market were loaded with sugar.

crafting uncompromising quality

Ian partnered with his long time friend, startup investor and avid CBD user Martín Guerrero, to create a healthy, better tasting, hemp-infused beverage with all natural ingredients and a clean label. After months of mixing at the kitchen table, experimenting with dozens of flavor combinations and finding the right ingredient suppliers, the trio was triumphant and rhythm Sparkling Hemp Beverages was born.

form meets function

We’re thrilled to share rhythm with you. rhythm is more than a premium hemp beverage brand – it’s where flavor meets function. Where your mind, your body and your taste buds are all happy. All rhythm drinks are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, low calorie, and contain no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

We hope that you’ll love the beverages we’ve crafted for you, now get out there and #findfyourhythm!

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