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Compression gear designed to give you an edge.

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About PRO Compression

Comfortable high-quality compression socks for all your favorite activities. Find the best compression socks for running long distances, training hard, traveling & everyday comfort.

Perform at your peak, recover faster, & live better with PRO Compression

Our Story

Work, Live & Play Your Best!

The idea for PRO Compression came to co-founder Eric Smith while competing in IRONMAN events. A big believer in compression apparel for performance and recovery from his days as a triathlete, he felt that athletes in other sports should have access to the same benefits.

Teaming up with co-founder Jeff Pennington, the pair felt that the biggest benefit could be derived from compression socks.

The two developed a line of compression socks not just for athletes, but ideal also for everyday use.

In 2010, one year after initially proposing the idea, PRO Compression was born!

The company was started in a garage with a laptop, printer, and sock prototypes. Fun, excitement and stress were all part of the late nights and long weekends in the early days of PRO Compression. A mix of hard work, trial and error, and a little luck have helped us become what we are today.

We focus on providing memorable first-class experiences to our customers; from offering premium-quality products made in the USA to providing after hours and weekend customer service, our approach is to ensure that customers have positive experiences to make them love our brand. If we make a mistake, we fix it. It’s that simple.

We know our customers have a choice when it comes to compression socks. We’re honored that customers choose PRO Compression to improve their lives at work and play.



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