Picklin’ Vixens Claimed

Vixen: n. A female fox 🦊. A spirited or fierce woman 💪🏼🔥🚺 Kicks ass at pickleball!!

About Picklin’ Vixens

Picklin’ Vixens is a pickleball brand, started by Ashley Waterson, inspired by a small group of pickleball playing women (Picklin’ Vixens was the name of their text thread.) Our goal is not to compete with major brands, but just to be a badass, pickleball-loving women supporting other badass pickle-ball-loving women community. Our goal is to empower girls and women through sports – all the proceeds from the Picklin’ Vixens shop will go directly to Girls on the Run Los Angeles.

#QueenVixen and Picklin’ Vixens CEO Askley Waterson


Paying it Forward

All proceeds from Picklin’ Vixens merchandise sales will go towards making it possible for more girls to unlock their power and potential by empowering them with transformational skills that impact their future. Each year over 200,000 girls, from coast to coast, experience the only physical activity-based positive youth development (PA-PYD) program with compelling evidence of impact.

Please join us in inspiring, encouraging, and strengthening confidence in the next generation of women through this mission! Learn more about Girls on the Run by clicking on the logo below . . .


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