About Pickleball Marketplace

Our goal is to bring our customers a great assortment of Pickleball related products at the lowest prices possible! Some say it’s the fastest growing sport in America. Players call it the most addicting sport ever! “If the Pickleball craze has not yet hit your town… stand by, it’s on it’s way!” — Mark Potter, NB Shelley and Gary Martasin, owners of Pickleball Marketplace, grew up playing racquetball and tennis, handball and all those things. But as they found themselves growing “a bit older”, those sports became a little more challenging to play and enjoy. Then last fall, they discovered pickleball. It gave them something to do together that they truly enjoy.

As their friends joined them in the game, they quickly discovered that there was a lack of quality Pickleball products available in their new found sport. “It should be easier to find quality apparel, bags, etc.,” explained Shelley. So, they used their 20 years experience in the Advertising Specialty business to start Pickleball Marketplace. “Not only do we plan to carry the very best products available, we also will be featuring unique Pickleball items from suppliers across the nation.” “Our site truly will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for Pickleball players.


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