About Pickleball Getaways

An amazing pickleball vacation begins and ends with the quality of the team. Our team brings together unique backgrounds and skills to make each trip memorable, easy for our customers, and full of fun and adventure. 

Ben Johns

Ben Johns is the number one men’s professional player in the world and has risen to the top of the pro pickleball circuit after starting pickleball in 2016 at the age of 17. He has accumulated a vast array of medals and titles at the sport’s top events including the 2019 Tournament of Champions triple crown (gold in all 3 pro events), US Nationals Men’s Pro Champion (2018, 2019), US Open Men’s Doubles Pro Champion (2019), and the World Pickleball Championships triple crown.

Dekel Bar

Dekel Bar is from Tel Aviv, Israel where he is studying Business and Economics at Herzliya University. Since 2012 he has been playing full time as a ranked tennis professional on the ATP tour and was ranked number three in Israel as well as playing on the Davis Cup team. After many years on the pro tennis circuit, and after a few injuries, he decided to set down the tennis racquet and pick up the professional pickleball paddle. Since then he has won 4th place in Tournament of Champions in Men’s Doubles and Men’s Singles after only three months of playing pickleball.

With his family owning a travel company he has spent his life traveling the globe and developing a passion for the industry.  Pickleball Getaways combines his love for travel and sport. Dekel’s sharp negotiation skills and knowledge of the travel industry help take clients to the best locations for the best price.


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