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About Pickleball Forum for Women

We are a “tribe with a vibe” of passionate, fearless, empowered women pickleball fanatics whose copyrighted clothing reveals our positive chutzpah! Our mission is to engage an international diverse group of women of all ages whose secret sauce is creating community.

“Every woman is capable of creating a legacy”~ Dotti Berry aka Coach B, creator of,,, Pickleball MindShift Summit, PIckleball HealthShift Summit, and Pickleball MindShift Coaching.

Connect at Pickleball Happy Hours

Join us at 8 pm EST the first and third Wednesday of each month. Coach B interviews pickleball PROs and everyday pickleball women who offer a special expertise! Got a pickleball business? Get five minutes to shine during our pickleball happy hours. Register at

Shop Pickleball Apparel

This Pickleball Forum for Women (PFFW) apparel line is a collaboration between Dotti Berry, the creator of PFFW and one of the PFFW members/fanatics, Rachael Chatoor. Dotti owned ten retail shops that offered uniquely designed apparel and whose business was ASI (Advertising Special Institute) Small Business of the year in the U.S.. She created many corporate/group identify programs, such as the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame logo and initial product line. Rachael is a singer, songwriter, mom, and artist who designs “Pickleball Artwear.”

Shop Custom Pickleball For Women Pickleball Paddle

The “Pickleball Forum for Women” paddle combines the cutting edge technology of the Players Pickleball Rogue2 with the timeless and powerful image of Rosie the Riveter. With tangible features like its Second Generation Gel-Core and Vibration Damping Carbon Fiber Throat Reinforcement, the Rogue2 is already the favorite paddle of seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. It offers more features than the competition and a price that’s lower than other top-tier paddles. Get yours now!


Additional Details about The Pickleball Forum For Women

We are an international group of passionate, empowered, fearless, women pickleball fanatics whose secret sauce is creating community!

PIckleball Forum for Women is a place where:

* We CAN Do it…Together! Rosie, with a paddle in her hand, says so. Official special edition paddle at

* We can co-exist as an inclusive group of all types of women at all levels of pickleball, encouraging one another each step of the way!

* We can invite our women pickleball friends and trust they will be valued and treated with respect.

* We can talk about issues related to Pickleball to which we relate…period.

* We can ask questions without being questioned.

* We can share our favorite pickleball tips and “do’s and dont’s” in a way that respects different opinions.

* We can attend each first and third Wed of month & receive a “free drink of training and community,” through the interviews with PROs & other group members by Dotti Berry, aka Coach B, creator of Pickleball Forum for Women.

* We can look forward to offline “in person” events that offer travel to places throughout the world for pickleball with one another and female PROs, opportunities for discovering how to create a pickleball-related business, and community-building activities that increase connection.

* We can be supported in our pickleball-related business the first Tuesday of each month. Comment on #FirstTuesdayTreats post & share business link (must include a discount or free training to group members).



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