About Pickleball Cannon

The Pickleball Cannon is the most advanced pickleball machine ever made! It shoots balls up to 60 km/hr, features a touchscreen interface and is easily transported across the court.  

Also, the collapsible hopper has a 100-ball capacity that doubles as a storage bag for picking up and transporting balls.

From the creators of the Squash Cannon, the Pickleball Cannon is built for both amateur and professional players. 

Designed with your back in mind, it comes with a folding cart that makes it easy to transport on and off the court. The raised shooting position gives the Pickleball Cannon the most realistic launch angle on the market. 

Dinks, lobs, serves, spins and powerful ground-strokes are easier to create than ever before. With a 100% customizable touchscreen panel, players can manually adjust for speed elevation, frequency, oscillation and interval to create their ideal shot.  

Training for pickleball has never been more fun. Electronically variable ball speed and interval can develop a gentle toss ideal for dinks to machine gun like repetition for volleys that will challenge even the top players! 

Armed with several custom training programs such as lob-drop, random, decay and interval training, players are pushed to unprecedented levels because of the variety of shots. 

One touch of the screen can create bone crushing drives exceeding speeds of 50 Miles per hour. Conversely, by varying ball speed and interval results in either gentle dinks for finesse or machine gun-like repetition that will challenge the pros. 

The remote control allows coaches to tweak settings from across the court without having to pause the lesson. 


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