About Pickleball Bling

Bruce Workman is a master jeweler for 35 years, has been fabricating and designing the highest quality jewelry from body jewelry, to watch fabrication he has done it all. For decades, Bruce Workman designed jewelry in Hawaii and Florida under the name “B-Man,” is back at the jeweler’s bench with his newest creation – a pickleball paddle pendant, which is now on the market in 10K gold and silver. His design is 44 millimeters tall and 17 millimeters wide, is set with peridot to resemble a plastic pickleball ball. “It can be as custom as you want,” Workman said. “You have the whole back of the paddle to work with, so it can be personalized with tournament names, dates, etc.”

“I said to myself, I knew I could build that pickleball paddle, and it couldn’t be any harder than making surfboard and snowboard pendants,” said Workman, who regularly plays the sport at the Galion YMCA and in the mornings.

He recently designed a custom surfboard pendant for First-ever gold medalist in surfing Carissa More. Now he has expanded his business into fabricating these beautifully crafted Pickleball Paddles. After he got into the sport over the last year he decided to turn the direction of his craft towards this growing sport. Merging his leisure and profession into one focus. Bruce known affectionately as B-Man doesn’t stop with Pickleball as a passion, he is also an avid swimmer and surfer. All of which continue to inspire his artwork and motto to keep believing in your art and great things will come to you.















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