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About Pickleball Bella

We’re a couple of gals addicted to the pickleball lifestyle who searched for fun, bold pickleball attire and couldn’t believe there was nada, zero, zilch⏤not a single stitch available.

In 2017, after having no luck finding a pickleball clothing line, we created our own and launched the first-ever pickleball clothing label, offering quality activewear skorts for the pickleball lifestyle.

Our bright, bold patterns are designed in-house and begin with a concept sketch. These drawings are then painted onto canvas as one-of-a-kind art, which is scanned and transformed into a digital format for printing onto our custom-milled fabrics. Once printed, the garments are sewn and trimmed to our high-quality standards.

Customer service, satisfaction and loyalty are paramount to our success as we constantly challenge our level of innovation. When customers asked for more product designs, we added tops, outerwear, headwear and accessories, complimenting our skorts.

Have a ball and always play in style!

Nancy & Kimmie


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