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A Pickleball Paddle Designed for Women

PEP Pickleball Paddles INSIDER DEAL
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PEP Pickleball Paddles INSIDER DEAL
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PEP is more than just a pickleball paddle. It’s a go-getter’s paddle, designed with the highest quality materials to help score more points and compete at the highest level. With PEP, begin each game with a competitive edge and make a fashion statement on the court. 

PEP pickleball paddles are perfect for women seeking to elevate their game by adding both power and accuracy to their swing. PEP is a go-to paddle for beginners and pros alike. 


More Than A Paddle

Beyond the vision of designing and manufacturing a great paddle, PEP is a product line to bring a feminine edge to pickleball. The PEP brand brings together a community of driven pickleball fanatics. offers a community, a hub for enthusiasts and usable information, tips to playing the game, increased skills, ways to avoid injuries, and fun stories of people empowering people.

Living Our Best Lives

PEP Pickleball is a celebration of the game, confidence, the empowerment of women, achieving goals, and the community we all share. As a company, our goal is to help women to reach their full potential by providing the right tools and resources and encouraging a culture of leadership, goal setting, and personal growth. Our core values of responsibility, entrepreneurship, courage, connection, and fun, are at the heart of our unique company culture. In short, the PEP Pickleball brand is a celebration of life. Join us in living our best lives!


READY TO COMPETE! – Whether you have your eyes set on a medal or you’re playing against family, friends, and colleagues, the PEP Advantage is the edge you need to come out victorious.

POWER-UP YOUR SHOT – Unlike other lightweight pickleball paddles, the PEP paddle’s carbon fiber face protects your elbow and shoulders from injury by effortlessly transferring power from your arm to the ball.

DOUBLE-IMPACT SHOCK ABSORBER – The Polypropylene core and carbon fiber face will help you neutralize and return tricky shots from your opponents to win the point.

MAXIMIZE YOUR REACH – At 16 x 8 inches, our paddle offers greater maneuverability to return shots without over-stretching.

A LASTING IMPRESSION – Stand out from your opponents with this leopard-print, chic design, making a statement from the time you step onto the court to long after you’ve won.


See you on the courts!


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