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Clean Energy Bites 🌱⚡️| made from all natural ingredients and no stimulants.

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About ModBalls

When you’re competing (especially in pickleball) your body needs that steady and consistent energy. Stimulant drinks and caffeinated energy products spike you too high and then also bring you down way too low when they wear off, not to mention they either have no calories or empty calories your body needs to burn. No pickleball player wants the stimulant jitters when trying to place a calculated dink shot in the kitchen.

Maintaining energy throughout the day is important to me because my competition events are unpredictable. Some days are only an hour or two long but others are eight to ten hours. ModBalls carries me through not only my tournament days, but also my training days outside of the tournaments. ~ Tyler Loong Professional Pickleball Player

ModBalls Clean Energy Bites is on a mission to change the way that athletes think about energy and fuel their bodies for performance. Created by the ultra talented food scientist Stephen Story, ModBalls were created with tennis and pickleball players in mind. 

ModBalls are formulated using all natural ingredients designed to create a sustained fuel source for athletes that is easy on the stomach, helps nourish the body with whole foods, and tastes incredibly good. Made to replace energy gels and drinks, ModBalls were made from a balanced blend of natural carbs, healthy fats and plant proteins to provide a 1, 2, 3 punch of energy without any stimulants. Each source of natural energy is carefully selected to burn at different rates in your body to provide sustained energy in your workout or while you compete.

What makes ModBalls so unique & stand out above the rest?

* Wildly delicious, and hardcore healthy

* Made with 85 all natural superfood ingredients straight from Mother Earth.

* Individually wrapped and pre-made they are ready to go on prep needed

* 100 calories per bite / 20 gram ball (about the size of a ping pong ball)

* ModBalls give you energy all from macros and food, not from stimulants. No Stimulants! Only sweetened with fruit and raw cold pressed honey.

* Normal stimulant energy products spike your blood sugar and insulin, ModBalls stabilizes blood and insulin levels and creates a longer burn of energy.


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