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Compression Technology Helps Prevent Injuries & Improve Performance

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About Lasso

My name is Partha, and I’m the founder and CEO of Lasso.

I started Lasso to change how we move on a daily basis. After an ankle injury playing basketball, followed by a journey to dunking a basketball for the first time, I found myself frustrated with the current state of healthcare and sports apparel industries.

Simply put, there is a massive barrier between wanting to improve how your body moves, and actually making that happen. Products that improve your health should be easy to understand, easy to use, and visually elegant.

With my background in biomedical engineering from the #1 program in the world at Georgia Tech, I was able to imagine and create products that change the paradigm of what apparel does for the body, by reinforcing and supporting key ligaments and tendons to improve physical movement.

Our Values

Innovation is critical to push the boundaries and improve. We create and innovate to improve human lives and movement. Our belief is that everyone is entitled to utilize their body to its fullest potential.

Our mission is to lift people up and make them a better version of themselves. We do this because we feel it’s the only way to live. This is why every Lasso product provides customers the gift of confidence.

We care about building a real connection with our community. Real recognizes real. As active community participants, we firmly believe that a product that promotes healthy movement should make you feel healthier.

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