KAYAA Sports Pickleball Gear Claimed

Run it back. Play Pickleball.

About KAYAA Sports

Based in the US, KAYAA Sports makes pickleball equipment, clothing and accessories, etc. Our mission is to spread health and happiness through the game of pickleball. KAYAA Sports Pickleball gear is made by pickleball enthusiasts in Danville, CA

This is Us

Our story started when we moved into a new house and fell in love with the “tennis” court in the backyard. But shortly after, we realized that it was actually a Pickleball court. Pickle-what!? Exactly…but before we knew it, we were hooked! Now our vision is to help fill lives with health and happiness through the very game that we unexpectedly discovered.

Why the name KAYAA?

Well legend has it one of the game’s inventors named the game after his dog Pickles. And as you might have guessed, we have a dog named Kaya (whose last name starts with an A). Thanks for dropping by and please be sure to visit us on the Gram: @kayaasports


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