About JSUN Studio

I am always fascinated by nature. My jewelry artworks are created from elements of nature flowing together forming designed functions.

The spine of my artistic background comes from both formal education and a Chinese heritage which covered Arts, History, Literature, Jewelry and Culture. I’ve lived both in the East and West parts of the world. I have a postgraduate degree in the design field, diplomas from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and previous management experiences with a renowned Italian jewelry corporation.

I use mostly sterling silver with some gold accent, fine silver/copper & 24K gold for enameling, argentium silver, 14K gold filled & Shibuichi. I also use copper & nu-gold for my forming projects. Pearls, turquoise, labradorite and moonstone are my favorite stones of choice. The techniques I used in my work include fabrication, forming, fusing, reticulation, chasing & repousse, enameling, keum-boo, etc.

The art is a constant evolution of change through my perception, and I hope you will find pleasure in the artworks as I do.

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