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Quite Possibly the Perfect Pickleball Bag

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Quite Possibly the Perfect Pickleball Bag

About Georgie & Lou

The Georgie & Lou story really began in the 1970s when Co-founders Mimi Kuchman and Lori Manzer were little girls, each growing up in families partial to the outdoors, racquet sports and frequent family gatherings. Though much has changed throughout the years, Mimi and Lori still love being outdoors and being active.

In 2017, Lori saw opportunity emerging out of Pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in the country. She went looking for an appropriate bag to gift her mother, an avid player, and she could not find one that functioned well and looked fashionable. Mimi felt this as well – she and her husband had just become interested in pickleball, and she knew practical-but-fashionable accessories in the space were non-existent. The two had previously become acquainted through mutual friends and quickly recognized they would be perfect business partners for a new venture. Georgie & Lou was born the following year.

Georgie & Lou is named for the founders’ grandparents, George and Mary Louise whom, in turn, the founders are actually named for as well; Mary “Mimi” Louise Kuchman and Lori Georgian Manzer.


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I love this bag.

This is the best bag,. I bout

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