About Engage Pickleball Camps

What makes us different from the rest?  Other then being the largest Pickleball Training Provider in the World?

Our pros are not just the top players in the game, but instructors too.

We focus our training primarily on Strategy that you can use right away so you leave playing better (and the drills and mechanics you need to help you continue your growth)

What drives our Pros?  Your success.  Our Pros are professionals who do this because they love it, not because they have too.

Our lead pro, Robert Elliott, who designs our curriculum is the Global Director of Training for the International Federation of Pickleball (the world governing body of the sport of Pickleball).

Our instructors come from different backgrounds, Tennis, Badminton, Racquet Ball, Table Tennis and some from no paddle/racket sport at all.  They will teach you their secrets.

We don’t just teach individuals, we are the ones that train other instructors, certify them, perform rating sessions and more.

We provide all-inclusive destination camps around the world.

We provide camps specific to ability levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Players) so you train with other of similar skill level.

We provide you more for you money.  We are the only Multi-day Camp provider that offers (6-hours) per day.  So our 3-day camps are (18) total hours vs (15) and our 2-day camps are (12) total hours vs only (10) total hours.

We have the best refund / cancellation policy in the industry to cover you for the unexpected. 


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