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Play All Day - Fast, Durable and Built to Last

About CORE Pickleballs

CORE Pickleball was founded with the mission to change the game from within by making pro-level, high-quality, and crack resistant equipment accessible to everyone. We believe in making our own moments. That’s why we created the ball we wanted to most play with: a pickleball that plays fast, stays round, and cracks less at an affordable price. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones.

About our Balls

CORE designs premium, durable, USAPA-approved pickleball equipment to enable great experiences for every player, both on and off the court. Our products strike the ideal balance between professional play and pure fun.

✅ THE PERFECT BOUNCE – Engineered for a consistent bounce game after game. These outdoor pickleballs will give you the confidence to trust your shot.
✅ BALLS THAT LAST – Play hard and play long with these reinforced outdoor pickleballs. Outlasting the competition you can play more games with fewer balls.
✅ AIM WITH CONFIDENCE – We used precision drilling to optimize the placement of each hole on the ball. This improves airflow ensuring every shot flies straight and true.
✅: PLAY IN ANY WEATHER – 40 precision drilled holes reduce the impact of wind on your shots. The ball is also weighed for extra wind resistance, making it perfect for outdoor games.
✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We always put the customer first at CORE Pickleball. If you’d don’t love our outdoor pickleballs we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.
✅ Engineered for Outdoor Play – The first thing we looked into was the placement of the 40 precision drilled holes. We spent several months perfecting the hole pattern by testing it in a wind tunnel.

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