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Sun-Protective activewear with UPF 50+

About BloqUV

BloqUV offers Instant, Chemical-Free UPF 50+ Sun Protection. Our chemical-free UV protection is inherent to the fabric and unaffected by laundering. Our fabric is moisture -wicking and quick-drying allowing for a wide range of uses on land and water. Our proprietary BloqTek fabric blocks 98% of the sun’s rays. All our fabrics are lab-tested to withstand 40 home launderings and 100 hours of stimulated light while providing a minimum of UPF 50 sun protection.

Our Story

Living in Miami, Florida means enjoying the great outdoors.  I love to run, walk, paddleboard and play tennis.  After noticing white spots on my arms, I made an appointment to see my dermatologist.  She immediately recognized them as the result of sun exposure, which confused me as I always wore long-sleeve T-shirts.

This was when I learned plain T-shirts only block 5% of the sun’s rays.  Not willing to sacrifice my active lifestyle, I began the hunt for fashionable sun protective clothing that was lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

Not finding anything suitable, I created BloqUV with BloqTek, our proprietary fabric with minimum Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50 that blocks 98% UVA/UVB rays.  The protection is chemical-free, inherent to the fabric and unaffected by laundering.

After 10 years, BloqUV has emerged as a market leader in sun protection.  Our products are unique in design, fit and sun protection technology.  They’re moisture-wicking and quick-dry, allowing for a wide range of uses on land and water.

Since the beginning, we have been on mission to educate customers on the damaging effects of the sun.  Each year in May, we are joined by our retailers for the “Bloqit with BloqUV” melanoma awareness campaign.

Creating this line has been a labor of love.  Whether this is your first BloqUV purchase or an addition to your collection, trust you’re wearing the very best in sun protection apparel.

Enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind you are protected from the sun.

Corina Biton,

Founder and President


Corina, CEO BloqUV

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