Big Dill Pickleball Co. was established in 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Are you tired of all pickleball paddles and equipment looking the same? Much of it is boring, and designed to look like the side of an RV, if we’re being honest.

We didn’t like the idea of paying for generic equipment with no pep. When we started playing pickleball, it was hard to find a paddle that was unique and cool while still offering serious engineering and construction worth of high-level play.

Our paddles offer fresh designs, fun colors, and add excitement to your game. Each paddle is tested for quality and durability, and constructed to high standards with premium components. While these paddles may make you smile, they are also made for ALL pickleball players, from beginner to tournament-level players.

Big Dill Pickleball Co. is a woman-owned and operated business, based in the United States. We believe sports should be fun and inclusive, and above all else … pickle-themed.

What Customers are Saying

About The Founder

Katy lives in Salt Lake City, but is originally from Seattle. She’s been playing pickleball since junior high (pickleball was invented near where she grew up!). She currently plays with the Big Dill Pickleball Co. Infinity paddle.

Additional Details

  • Under $100
  • Midweight (7.5-8.2 oz)
  • Composite Face, Graphite Face, Polymer Core
  • Graphic Paddles
  • USA Pickleball Approved
  • Women Owned, I Play Pickleball

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