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About Dan Schuyler

Dan Schuyler has been a prominent fixture in the American jewelry industry for more than 36 years. He has dealt in  nearly every aspect of the jewelry business—from sales and advertising to buying and designing.

Dan had his first foray into the jewelry business at the age of 19, when he worked as an engraver at a  local jeweler while attending college. His passion for the business proliferated and he soon educated  himself in the industry and rose through the ranks. Dan eventually won a position with the country’s  largest independent jeweler, the Albert Smyth Company in Maryland.

During the course of his education, he became a GIA diamond and pearl course graduate. In 2002, he set  his sights on Southwest Florida and worked with some of the region’s leading jewelry companies. Dan  met well-known Captiva Realtor Karen Bell in 2002. After selling her a pair of diamond earrings and  sharing a cup of coffee, the two agreed to form a partnership, and conceived the idea of opening their  own Sanibel jewelry store. Lily & Co. is the realization of Dan’s dream of owning and operating a jewelry store.

About Beach Boyz Fine Jewelry

Dan found a passion for pickleball so naturally he developed a beautiful Pickleball Line of jewelry to include hand made pendants, bangles and more. Check out Beach Boyz fine jewelry.


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