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First & Finest Pickleball Apparel

We are a small, independent, laser focused and mission-driven company striving toward an ideal to be responsible, sustainable, social, and ethical. We aim to constantly improve how we treat our people, products, and our planet. We are dedicated to elevating niche sports by creating the finest performance apparel.

We’re building the First and Finest Pickleball Apparel Brand with communities and athletes in mind by creating functional designs and developing the finest materials.

The brand is named after our co-founder – Avi – who envisioned creating a high-end apparel brand for niche sports and focus first on a sport that he loves – Pickleball. Avi grew up playing tennis and competed at the collegiate level. When he discovered Pickleball he put the racquet down and picked up a paddle. He came up with the idea of creating high-end Pickleball apparel when he attended several tournaments and saw a void in the market and an opportunity to create something special for a growing sport.

In case you’re wondering who the handsome dog is in our marketing materials – that’s Baker, Avi’s dog, who is part of the process and the inspiration.

We’ll be constantly working hard to create and release AVI gear on an on-going basis. We’re excited to share our 1.0 Release with you…


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