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Life Changing Insoles. Live, Work, & Play like a champion.

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About AIRfeet®

Life Changing Insoles & products for every part of your life.

At AIRfeet® we are changing lives with intelligent products.Through common sense thinking we determined that a single product, if designed correctly could assist with multiple physical needs at one time.

AIRfeet® reLive Insoles use a Dynamic Active Technology™ to create a soothing and therapeutic motion under your feet with relief from your daily grind. Multi-patented AIRfeet® reLive Insoles work by stimulating the muscles under the foot and promoting critical circulation deep into the toes.

Targeting Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Flat Feet, Foot-back-leg Pain, Poor Circulation and Comfort

AIRfeet® are perfect for

– Golf, both playing and as a training aid

– Pickleball Players and Fans

– Industrial Workers

– Service Industry

– Athletes both serious and enthusiasts

– Business Persons of all footwear types

– Casual footwear users

Performance & Recovery

Standing, Walking, Working or Playing…everyone is seeking relief from everyday discomfort.

Whether it be ergonomic solutions in the workplace, athletic performance and recovery or providing enhanced footwear comfort and relief.

AIRfeet products provide a DYNAMIC (moving) Engineered solution to shoes and footbeds that all static (stationary) in design.

Ergonomic Wellness

Yep Rubber mats don’t work. Actually they are the #1 cause of trips in a facility.

There is a direct connection between how we feel on our feet and how we focus on our job. Distractions due to pain, fatigue and exhaustion become a high risk for accidents. By simply reducing pain and fatigue, we can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents. The result, happier employees, less days off, reduced claims and a higher efficiency workforce. Our ergonomic AIRfeet Insoles have the ability to reduce and often eliminate back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain.

Whether you are standing at a work center, walking miles in a warehouse or crunching out heavy industry steps, the pain and fatigue relieving solution MUST be against the surface of the foot.

Dynamically engineered with multiple patents and a technology driven design focusing on BalanceMuscle Therapy and Circulatory Stimulation. The Active Gel Technology sensation under the foot is so radically different that first time customers have called it “weird”. In fact, we loved that description so much we decided to promote “It’s the best weird you’ll ever feel!” A true sentiment and hallmark of our innovation.

Comfort & Relief

Supporting over 160+ Army & Air Force locations globally.

AIRfeet® has proven itself to be a product of choice and necessity for 1000s.

There is no removing any footbeds or tearing shoes apart. Simply place AIRfeet right on top of the existing footbed, aftermarket insert or custom orthotic to experience LIFE CHANGING RESULTS.

AIRfeet® have been brilliantly designed, engineered and patented to focus on COMFORT and RELIEF no matter what your day involves.

Other technologies may cradle or support the foot via some type of formed shape, but what AIRfeet does is Life Changing !

The DYNAMIC AIRfeet® designs use a Dynamic Active Motion Technology™. Targeting not only foot related issues, but also ankle, knee, hip and lower back, and some major health ailments.

Whether you Stand, Walk, Work or Play, AIRfeet® are a life changer. Through our Doctor recommendations, 1,000’s of testimonials, and Industry Data we recognize we have without a doubt redefined the insole world.

The sensation is so radically different that first time customers have often called it “WEIRD”.

In fact, we loved that description so much we now promote it’s “the best weird you’ll ever feel!” This sentiment is a hallmark of true innovation.

AIRfeet® , we didn’t invent insoles…we just perfected them!

laboratory tested to ASTM F1614 for shock attenuation


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