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We are an online clothing brand and ambassador for all things Pickleball! Get up, get out, and get playing!

Maggie’s Story

Life can be a Whirlwind

I grew up on California’s Monterey Peninsula, raised by my father. I left home at 18 to attend college and soon was partying my life away. As I dealt with a lot of unresolved past hurts and issues, I dropped out of college and found myself enamored with meth to take away my mental and emotional pain. After a couple of years of losing myself, I woke up and headed home to my father.

I was exhausted and defeated. That was August 1989.

I reentered in night classes and met and married a young Army man with 3 small beautiful girls. We would have a son and then travel to the south landing squarely in Fort Bragg, NC. Somewhere in the midst of the deep South was a divorce and another marriage and one more sweet baby girl. I would spend the next 25 years in NC, FL, DC, and now MD.

Traveling as an Army wife afforded me so many opportunities to meet people from all around the world.

Pickleball gives me that same pleasure.

I get so intrigued by the people that I meet and their amazing backstory of fighting for their dreams, working through adversity, and amazing comebacks from what was absolute defeat. Amazing players who have dealt with drug addiction, abusive relationships, depression and physical ailments, learning disabilities, or Veterans who have lost limbs fighting and protecting our country but find peace and joy within Pickleball. I have noticed that no matter where we live, where we’ve grown up, or what we have been through, we ALL can meet on the level playing field in Pickleball. I really believe this sport brings healing to our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It truly is the sport that can bridge and heal the world.

Will you join me in spreading love, fun, healing, and friendship through Pickleball? If you are ever near Washington County, MD, please give me a shoutout via email, or on FB or Instagram.  Let’s play Pickleball and build community together!





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